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2014 Bowman Chrome Football

2014 Bowman Chrome Football Image

2014 Bowman Football has some of the first rookie cards of the season. Sticking with the Bowman tradition, it's the young players that are the focus of the release. Hobby boxes deliver a total of four Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs as well as one memorabilia card featuring a veteran.

2014 Bowman Football has different designs for rookies and veterans but both have tons of parallels. On top of that, there are Rainbow Foil and Paper base cards (think of it as being similar to Bowman and Bowman Chrome cards coming in the same packs). Rainbow Foil base cards for both have Silver Ice, Blue, Gold, Orange, Orange Ice, Printing Plates and Gridiron Ice (1/1) parallels. Rookies also have one-of-one Green parallels.

The more basic Paper base cards take a similar approach with different designs for first-year players and veterans. These cards come with black borders. Each has Blue, Gold, Orange, Red and Green parallels. On top of that, rookies come with Silver (1/1) versions as well.

For many, the main draw of 2014 Bowman Football is the early signatures. Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs are all signed on-card and done on Refractor stock. With upwards of 80 signers, the checklist is vast.

And what would Bowman Chrome be without parallels? Rookie autographs have seven levels of Refractor parallels: Blue(#/99), Gold (#/75), Orange (#/50), Red (#/25), X-Fractor (#/10), Prism (#/5) and Superfractor (1/1). In addition to all those are Printing Plates. Parallels numbered to 50 or less can only be found in hobby packs.

These aren't the only autographs in the set. Under Armour All-America Game Autographs were made, printed and signed at the 2011 event. Now that players are turning pro, they're headed to packs. They're similar to the AFLAC and Under Armour cards found in Bowman Baseball products. These are inserted on top of the guaranteed four Bowman Chrome autographs.

Bowman Autographs (#/25) are redemptions for cards signed by players who attend the 2014 NFLPA Rookie Premiere. Done on Refractor stock, the final cards will have the 2014 Bowman Football design, a photo taken at the event and an on-card signature.

Relic Cards use jersey pieces worn by veterans. Numbered parallels include Blue, Gold, Orange, Red (1/1) and Printing Plates.

Bowman Mini cards are done to look like 1950 Bowman Football. Inserted one per hobby pack, the set features more than 100 rookies. Collectors can also find randomly inserted autographed versions that are hard signed. Red Ink parallels are numbered to 5.

Landing three per hobby box, Bowman Die-Cut cards highlight top veterans with a flashy design. Parallels include Blue (#/99) and Red (1/1).

Product Configuration: 10 packs per box, 25 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Football Card
Target Audience: Rookie Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors
2014 Bowman Football Hobby Box Break

4 Chrome Rookie Autographs
1 Veteran Memorabilia Card
2 Die-Cut Cards
10 Mini Cards
2 Silver Ice Parallels
250 Total Cards

Your Price:$655.00