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2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball

2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball Image

For those who like rookie and prospect autographs, 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball delivers the most of the season. Every pack of the high-end product comes with three autographs as well as a rookie or prospect base card.

The bulk of the set's attention comes from the Rookie and Prospect Autographs. Signers feature a mix of first-year players, 2014 draft picks and rising prospects. In addition to basic numbered Refractors, cards come with nine additional Refractor parallels: Green, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Blue (#/25), Black Atomic (#/10), Canary Diamond (#/3), Red (1/1) and SuperFractor (1/1). There are also Printing Plates.

2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball has a few other autograph insert sets. Sterling Autograph Showcase (#/25) promises on-card autographs and a framed card. Sterling Silver Autographs are all one-of-ones from top players done on Sterling Silver. Bowman Black Autographs (#/25) continue from other Bowman brands. Each card is done with a distinct design, signed in silver ink and numbered to 25. Numbered Dual Refractor Autographs pair up rookies, prospects and draft picks.

Every eight-box case of 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball has a pair of guaranteed case hits. The first is a numbered over-sized Purple Wave Refractor. These have Black Wave, Blue Wave (#/5) and Red Wave (1/1) parallels. Every case also has a Sterling Die-Cut Autograph. The checklist has more than 30 signers and come with Blue Refractor, Red Refractor (#/5) and SuperFractor (1/1) parallels.

Product Configuration: 6 packs per box, 4 cards per pack

18 Autographs
1 1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor
24 Total Cards

Your Price:$1,675.00